Joint Conference: Acupuncture, Oncology and Fascia.

I am going to participate in this event in Boston.

Joint Conference Flyer Final

“Experts in the fields of acupuncture, integrative oncology, cancer biology and mechanobiology will share the stage, presenting the latest findings and exploring three key areas of overlapping research:

  • Acupuncture and oncology: The role of acupuncture in the care of cancer patients, including pain management, fatigue and sleep
  • Oncology and fascia: The importance of the connective tissue matrix in tumor growth and metastasis
  • Fascia and acupuncture: The transduction of mechanical signals from acupuncture needles to connective tissue”

On Saturday, Nov. 14, 8:00 a.m.-6:30 p.m. Joseph B. Martin Conference Center.


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