Dr. Jihyuk Park

About Dr. Jihyuk Park

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Dr. Jihyuk Park is a passionate Doctor of Korean Medicine and has a dream to provide his medical services in the best integrative way for each patient. Dr. Park graduated from the college of Korean Medicine in DongGuk University and earned his Master of Science degree in KyungHee University. After obtaining a license of M.D.(DKM) in Korea, he worked for the Korea Ministry of Health and Welfare as a Public Health Doctor and cared for many people who have various muscular skeletal problems or chronic diseases. He was presented with the award certificate from the president of Association of Korean Medicine (AKOM) for ‘the BEST PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE in Korean Medicine’.

In his graduate school, he researched on Oncology at the Cancer Preventive Material Development Research Center (CPMDRC) in KyungHee University and worked for the integrative cancer center as an integrative oncologist. As his graduate school specializes in East-West Medical Science, he learned the comprehensive insight of Integrative Medicine for the optimal healthcare delivery system.

In the holistic point of view, he has also been interested in the relation between the whole body structure and temporal mandibular joint (TMJ, jaw joint) dysfunction, which could also effect the brain and nervous system. He joined the Association of TMJ Balancing Medicine (ATBM), and gave lectures about TMJ balancing techniques for several years as the chief instructor and one of the clinical faculty members of the Graduate School of Integrative Medicine in CHA University.

He moved to the US to occupy the director’s position at Jaseng Center for Integrative Medicine in New Jersey, which is one of the most eminent Korean Medicine hospital (JASENG HOSPITAL in Korea) network branches specializing in Spine&Joint care. He co-worked with many other healthcare providers and successfully managed the center for two and half years.

Now, with the vision of Integrative Medicine for optimal care, he is practicing evidence-based, personalized treatments especially for cancer patients at his private boutique clinic in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York City.

Contact Dr. Park: dr.jihyuk.park@gmail.com

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