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To improve appetite loss in patients with lung cancer undergoing chemotherapy. – Use of the herbal formula ‘YukgunjaTang’

Effect of rikkunshi-to treatment on chemotherapy-induced appetite loss in patients with lung cancer: A prospective study

Exp Ther Med. 2016 Jan; 11(1): 243–246. Published online 2015 Nov 27.
In patients treated with CBDCA-containing chemotherapy, food intake at day 7 following the initiation of chemotherapy in the rikkunshi-to treatment group was significantly higher compared with the group not treated with rikkunshi-to (P=0.0078).
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CRF receptor 1 antagonism and brain distribution of active components contribute to the ameliorative effect of rikkunshito on stress-induced anorexia

In conclusion, we demonstrated that the initiation of novelty stress-induced anorexia in aged mice is due to 5-HT2CR and CRFR1/MC4R activation. Our results also indicate that brain distributed components of RKT possessing CRFR1 and 5-HT2CR antagonistic activities may be partly involved in its ameliorative effect in this model. However, further investigation of other active components or combinations of these components is required to fully understand the effects of RKT.


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Scientific Reports 6, Article number: 27516 (2016)